welcome to alias. a world where the heroes of dc and marvel have always coexisted and lived with one another, until one day batman ate that sack lunch betty made bruce banner. the first shot in the event known as the 'great war' was fired that day. or you know, check our plot

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Dan Hartigan
 Posted: Dec 26 2017, 06:57 PM
254 posts
30 years old
Former Newscaster/Supervillain © Alec Offline
For God’s sake, stop treating me like I’m a time-bomb! Is that what you think I am? Is that what you want me to be ? Is it ?!


site claims

Face claims are listed below with reserves at the bottom. We follow a +/- 15 years rule regarding age, so please be sure to adhere to that.
a - j

Adriana Lima Aoife Byrne
Alessandro Pierozan Eclipso / Bruce Gordon
Alexander Skarsgard Thor Odinson
Amon Tomaz Avan Jogia
Anson Mount James Howlett
Aya Ueto Kaminari Tora
Barbara Palvin Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Ben Whitshaw Edward Nygma
Bernardo Velasco Dick Grayson
Charlie Hunnam Arthur Curry
Christian Kane Marc Spector
Daniel Radcliff Alaric Hawke
Daria Sidorchuk Hana McAlistor
David Gandy Sebastian Shaw
Doutzen Kroes Amora Incantare
Dove Cameron Luna Maximoff
Elisha Cuthbert Harleen Quinzel
Ellen Page Death of the Endless
Elsa Hosk Tandy Bowen
Emilia Clarke Bianca Mezzanotte
Emily Rudd Catherine Brown
Emma Stone Margaret Pye
Freya Tingley Alice Caroll
Gemma Atkinson Karen Starr
Gigi Hadid Cassie Sandsmark
Hayden Panettiere Mia Dearden
Henry Cavill Clark Kent
Holland Roden Jean Grey
Jenna Ushkowitz Wicked
Joaquin Phoenix Jack Napier
Jon Bernthal Frank Castle

k - z

Katy Perry Jinx
Kelly Gale Priscilla Kitaen
Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones
Leanna Decker Koriand'r
Levi Miller Rock/ Mega Man
Lili Simmons Scandal Savage
Margot Robbie Emma Frost
Mark Fischbach Hiro Okamura
Matt Bomer Ted Kord
Matt Lanter Roy Harper
Max Lloyd Jones John Constantine
Megan Fox Jessica Drew
Meisa Kuroki Cassandra Cain
Mia Malkova Artemis Crock
Milla Kunis Lady Tessa/Sage
Mini Anden Anna Darkholme
Monika Jagaciak Talia Wagner
Natalia Vodianova Lorna Dane
Nathan Sharp Zahid Rogers
Nico Tortorella Bennet du Paris
Nikolaj Coster Waldau Victor Von Doom
Richard Armitage John Upshaw
Robert Buckley Hal Jordan
Robert Downey Jr.Tony Stark
Robert Halpmann Wendell Lewis
Romee Strijd Regan Wyngarde
Ryan Kwanten Michael Carter
Ryan Reynolds Wade Wilson
Sara Sampaio Barbara Minerva
Scott Adkins Max Damage / Evan Cousins
Sophia Lillis Carrie Kelley
Stella Maxwell Stephanie Brown
Tae-yeon Kim Cindy Moon
Tahj Mowry Noah Hunter
Tom Hardy Floyd Lawton
Troy Baker Dan Hartigan
Victor Webster Bruce Wayne

The code for face claims is below:
[*code]<a href="accounturl">first last</a> character name<br/>[*/code]
Please take out the astrisks before you post. Reserves last for three days.

first last › alias › month day
first last › alias › month day
first last › alias › month day
first last › alias › month day

The code for reserves is below:
[*code]<b>first last</b> › alias › month day<br/>[*/code]
Please take out the astrisks before you post.
 Posted: Yesterday at 01:46 pm
5 posts
34 years old
Hellfire Club © Gold Offline

Sorry - Changing claim for Tessa - thanks //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

<b>Arianny Celeste</b> › Tessa › July 20<br/>
Emma Frost
 Posted: Yesterday at 07:39 pm
Emma Frost
3 posts
35 years old
Being her own Woman © Gold Offline

Sorry one more change

<b>Charlotte Mckinney</b> › Emma Frost› July 20<br/>
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